Sthembiso’s Interview


  • Q: If you were to define yourself in 3 words, what would those words be?

          A: God fearing, visionary and hardworking.

  • Q: In today’s world we recognize African public figures trying to raise the African voice to the world. Do you think Africa is appreciated and listened to enough in the world (especially through media)? And how are you planning to contribute into changing that perception as a brand?

         A: Africa is listened to and appreciated only in matters concerning other economies, we are all aware that Africa gave birth to most gigantic economies especially those of western countries, for it is a continent full of resources. It has a limited voice because it encompasses  developing countries. Using a realist theory, we know that the international arena is controlled by those who have economic and military power. A country’s economy often influences how it is viewed by the media, hence the world has a selective hearing for Africa.

As a brand, I am not only limited to modelling, I am a Law and International Relations student. The career I am studying towards to will enable me to become a international lawyer. Laws have power, for they create a sense of compulsion unto those whom they are created for, and being a model makes me a public figure. Having the two combined, will shape how the media views Africa, for I will be having an influence in the laws that will be created or laws that will help sustain peace, as a public figure in doing my job, the interests of the people will always be at heart which is something contrary to what African leaders have been deemed to represent because of factors like corruption.

  • Q: What are the adversities of modeling you’ve experienced so far?

          A: The adversities I have experienced is being approached by several individuals who have already made it in the media industry and promise me to assist me in receiving the recognition I deserve, only to find that they have hidden agendas. That on its own has helped me realize a need of having an agency.

  • Q: What is currently your fashion style? Is it currently aligned with today’s fashion trend?

          A: I have a very unique taste when it comes to fashion. It is not limited, its class combined with today’s fashion trend, and a bit of an African  flavor in it!! 

  • Q: What has been your motivation to keep you going thus far?

          A: The spirit of poverty within the black community has been filling me with the zeal to push beyond boundaries, to prove it to the nation that success can be achieved, and that poverty is a condition that can be changed.

  • Q: Judging from your work ethic, where do you see yourself in a decade from now?

          A: A decade from now I would have impacted many lives provided with the platforms such as Miss SA, Miss World and Miss Universe. These platforms will not only be for personal gain, but they will be useful into giving souls hope and faith that they too can become what they aspire to be.

  • Q: Who are your role models, and why are they inspiring you so much?

          A: I don’t have role models but I have people who keep me going. The mistake that we make as people is to imitate those who inspire us and we never give our beings a chance to be, and to prosper in our God given purpose.

The people who keep me going are those who aspire to make others better and to improve the livelihoods of those that have lost hope.

Over and above, the person who keeps me going is my mother, she has been a great parent and she deserves the best.

  • Q: We took note that you possess exceptional leadership skills. What did it took to master them? And, how are you so understanding of different personalities that you work with?

         A: A wise man once said that leaders are not made but they are born. With that said, I am a very influential person, I might have gained my influence through my academic performance but I believe it is something that I am graced with. I am able to work with different personalities because I understand that leadership is about serving. I must accommodate my constituencies in all dimensions. It is always easier to lead people who look up to you for leadership ( leading by example).

  • Q: During your working hours, how do you usually resolve conflict? Do you compromise, compete, collaborate or accommodate?

          A: We must first acknowledge that there are different types of conflicts, meaning that one can never have a single approach of dealing with different situations.  Where I need to compromise I do, and even when I need to accommodate I do, same applies with all the mentioned forms of resolving conflict.

  • Q: Aside from the modeling career, what more are you willing to expand to with your talents?

          A: I have not yet decided, I like shooting one bird with one stone. It keeps me focused.

  • Q: Where can your fans connect with you?

          A: On my facebook, Sithembiso Madlebe

  • Q: Any inspiring words to all those who are working on making their way into the modeling market?

          A: You have the power to give meaning to what may seem meaningless. What you want is attainable, you must be strategic on how to get it.






Introduction to Sthembiso Dabula



Elite has had the precious gift of working in partnership with her Excellency Sthembiso Dabula. She is a fast becoming South African icon that dominates both dimensions of academics and modeling. Conversely, this publication is focused on divulging more about Sthembiso’s mesmerizing modeling content that is set to drop out in the near future. Firstly, we will be explaining her work ethic. Secondly, we will provide a brief insight of the content that is yet to be released. And lastly, it is the summing up of this blog post.

Her Excellency is a very goal orientated individual who does not rest until all is complete. This kind of a skill set is in alignment with what every sponsor, agent and business associate would desire in a work related partnership. Hence, it enabled the Elite team to execute the work at a faster pace than usual, especially with our photographer Thando Macala…

Nevertheless, the Elite team has been hard at work trying in all its efforts to piece up a unique and bravado content for Sthembiso. The photo shoots we have in store for you guys are just out of this world! Rest assured. It is one of our protocols however to not spoil the mood and give out our scope. In short, be on the loop for what’s really coming your way soon…

For more updates on her modeling movements, please search for our Facebook page “Elite

Benzo’s Single

Banele Shongwe who’s titled by his stage name “Benzo” is a fast becoming prodigy of creativity. Elite has been working hard finding its young led a concrete structure to work on. As a result, we are proud to announce that our first official move for Benzo is his latest single which is set to drop out on the 1st of December 2017.

Currently the track is under the sound engineer construction. All we can say is that a hit song is coming your way from our prodigy and more interviews will be delivered. Therefore, we cannot spoil the mood by handing everything out!!

Kindly be on the loop for more updates regarding Benzo’s work as we are all looking forward to its release date.IMG_-9ilo2s~2

Retrace Photography Studios



Thando is a professional photographer with a Diploma in Journalism (Graduted at Rosebank College). Being a passionate young adult, he has set a bar high by having an honour to work with a charismatic designer called Pius for his show photo shoot at Zen63. Thando continued to with his aspiration until it led him into working with Noluthando Buthelezi on an online magazine titled “Breath”. However, the magazine was never published due to unforeseen circumstances. Moreover, he invented Retrace Photography Studios which is a fast growing business based in Johannesburg, East Rand. Currently, Thando works at Elite Entertainment (SA) as a photographer and a manager of arts. Plus, he also occupies a job (Internship) at Tame Times Newspaper.



Specializes in taking Modelling Portfolios, Family Portraits, Kiddies shoots, Couple Shoots, Solo Shoots and Events.


Retrace Price Catatlog:

*Modelling Portfolios – R350 (45 High resolution, Edited Pictures on disk)
*Family Portraits – R500 (50 High resolution, Edited Pictures on disk)
*Kiddies Shoot – R300 (35 High resolution, Edited Pictures on disk)
*Couples shoot- R400 (40 High resolution, Edited Pictures on disk)
*Events –  R2800 (Full coverage , video and pictures )
*Basic Photoshoot – R250 (30 High resolution, Edited Pictures on disk)

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Lynnette’s Interview


  • Q: If you were to define yourself in 3 words as a model, what would those words be?
  • A: Strong, Confident and Fun.
  • Q: What are the adversities of modeling you’ve experienced so far?
  • A: Not everyone you meet will be genuine. Some will only use you for their own benefits. I’ve been one of those who were exploited. And, some of the difficulties I faced were people judging me of taking nudes, not really knowing my reasons for doing that; however I just kept reminding myself of the end goal of doing it all. Here I am still growing strong and have conquered all the critics.
  • Q: What can we expect from you in the near future?
  • A: Expect a vocalist and a graduated thespian.
  • Q: What has been your motivation to keep you going thus far?
  • A: Being grounded and independent of all adversities that I have experienced. And the trust I have invested to the Mighty Lord, with Him everything is possible!!
  • Q: How can you describe the structure of your recently initiated team “Elite Entertainments”? What are you guys willing to achieve?
  • A: It is a team formed by 5 individuals. We created this out of a burning desire and passion. We all come from different backgrounds, with different aspirations. We have the drive, we aim high and we are willing to grow together and become one of the greatest teams that SA has ever had.
  • Q: Judging from your work ethic, where do you see yourself in a decade from now?
  • A: In a decade from now I will be having my own international agent. Therefore, I want to nurture and help the next generation reach their dreams. Plus, I want to give my parents everything they’ve ever wished for in life.
  • Q: Who are your role models, and why are they inspiring you so much?   
  • A: My role models are my parents. They have brought me this far with the little that they had. They still have my back up to this day. I’m more than grateful to still have them both.
  • Q: Aside from the modeling career, what more are you willing to expand to with your talents?
  • A: Talent on its own isn’t enough. I reckon working extra hard and getting educated. Anyway, I want to invest more time in Music and Drama since I trust that’s where my authentic talents are. My duty is to unleash them and put my God given gifts to life. That would be my appreciation to Him.
  • Q: Where can your fans connect with you easier?
  • A: Catch me on: Instagram > lynn_ledikwa, Facebook > Lynn Ledikwa and Twitter > Lynn_Ledikwa
  • Q: Any motivating message to all those who are trying to make their way into the modeling world?
  • A: Keep patient and persistent. Know where you are headed in life and never look back because that’s only a step back. There’ll always be opinions and critics, however use them to grow you and not destroy you. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!


Introduction to Lynnette Ledikwa

Elite Entertainment has been gifted with a precious treasure that occupies an irreplaceable position, Lynnette Ledikwa. It has been our greatest pleasure to have met this wonderful and yet unique personality in our journey. Nevertheless, the blueprint of this short blog is to give a formal introduction and welcome to her Excellency MS Ledikwa as a part of our team member.

Our first meeting came with an excitement. Hence, it came with no vague surprise when Lynnette spoke her mind that she has a reasonable amount of experience of how her work of line works; we then recognized that she is a true fast becoming icon of independent women of her generation. Her creativity and skillfulness to deliver work is outstanding. Therefore, when the management took an analysis of her, we recognized that we do not only have a business associate. Instead, we have a true leader that the society at large can learn from.

Her Excellency has been over productive to Elite Entertainment thus far. She now is part of the family and is protected and taken care of as a brand. Her aura shows no signs of vulnerability. This means she is a quite powerful lady, and that makes our workflow less hard. Bear in mind that she is working on an environment that is very male dominated. However, that is not an excuse of her to underperform or not succeed. In fact, we are noticing that she has accepted the reality aspect of it, and she is doing more than fine.

Expect nothing but professionalism on this extremely versatile and talented individual who is willing to make the world a better place. Follow her on: Instagram > lynn_ledikwa, Facebook > Lynn Ledikwa and Twitter > Lynn_Ledikwa


NB: News worthy updates are coming soon.